Looking for a refrigeration system?3 benefits of the ηmax refrigeration system

Ultra-low-temperature freezing with minimum frost build-up maintains food quality

  • Rapid freezing at –70°C ensures high-quality frozen products
  • Food textures remain similar to fresh products and swelling and splitting are prevented
  • Reduced frost build-up on the cooler unit ensures that the system maintains its maximum performance level throughout the process to allow rapid freezing

Up to 50% cost saving

  • The ηmax refrigeration system provides freezing at ultra-low-temperatures below –60°C. Designed to achieve maximum efficiency with a common, simple configuration, the system produces unmatched freezing power. This allows rapid freezing, dramatically enhancing production efficiency. Your operations are no longer bound by the need to frequently defrost.
  • The two-stage compressor cooler unit operating in an ultra-low-temperature range reduces initial/running costs.
  • “emRS Selection Software” quantifies cost savings.
  • Energy consumption is reduced by up to 50% and freezing capacity is increased by up to 30%.

Extensive experience in installation of spiral and tunnel freezers for mass production

The ηmax refrigeration system minimizes the adverse effect of frost build-up in the cooler has on continuous freezing. ηmax promises:

  • Reliable production of frozen products
  • Safety of frozen products
  • Lower costs as production stays on plan.

Our goal is to contribute to energy saving and environmental protection by promoting an innovative refrigeration system to the world.

η (eta) is a symbol that represents efficiency. Hence, ηmax (eta max) means maximum efficiency. At Nakayama Engineering, our goal is to promote our highly efficient ηmax Refrigeration System worldwide. The ηmax system successfully minimizes frost build-up while maintaining suction pressure in the freezer. It offers highly efficient operation with a smaller temperature difference between refrigerant in the evaporator and ambient air. This enables production of high-quality frozen products by rapid freezing and long-term storage with minimal degradation. Energy efficiency is maximized by keeping condensing pressure low without restriction throughout the year. To ensure operation goes as designed and planned, our system also monitors and quantifies the performance of each component, preventing operational waste by clearly identifying the system’s equalizing capability. Nakayama Engineering has been developing distribution channels for products made by this high-quality refrigeration system in collaboration with research institutions and government agencies.