Privacy Policy

October 1, 2007

We recognize the importance of personal information and therefore have implemented the following measures.

  1. We properly protect personal information of individuals we receive in the course of our business (“Personal Information”).
  2. When we collect Personal Information, we will do so only after informing you of both our intended purpose for such Personal Information and our contact details for any inquiry you may have.
  3. We shall use Personal Information solely for the intended purpose and handle it in an appropriate manner. We shall neither disclose to nor provide to any third party Personal Information without obtaining your prior consent except if disclosure of Personal Information is ordered or requested pursuant to applicable laws or regulations or in case of extraordinary circumstances.
  4. We shall endeavor to maintain Personal Information in a correct and current form, and shall take measures to prevent the illegal access to, loss of, destruction of, falsification of or leakage of Personal Information.
  5. If we need to entrust the handling of Personal Information to any third party, we shall enter into an agreement to oblige it not to disclose or reveal Personal Information and put it under our proper control.
  6. We shall give sufficient instructions to our directors, officers and employees to inform them of the protection of Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  7. We shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and any other standards with regard to the handling of Personal Information, and shall periodically review and improve our policy as provided above.
  8. Nakayama Engineering K.K.