Looking for a storage freezer?3 benefits of the ηmax refrigeration system

Stable storage environment: Optimal temperature difference between refrigerant evaporation and ambient temperatures

  • Prevents food products from drying and allows their long-term storage by suppressing sublimation
  • Reduces degradation during storage by preventing freezer burn
  • Wide range of operating temperatures: 5°C to –60°C

Less frequent defrosting due to prevention of frost build-up

  • Reduces frost build-up to maintain high performance and reduce defrosting frequency, thus improving energy efficiency
  • Reduces efficiency loss by preventing heat generated by defrosting from leaking into the freezer room
  • Minimizes effects on products placed near the cooler unit

Up to 41% fewer GHG emissions

  • Low condensing pressure operation drastically reduces power consumption
  • Customization to accommodate seasonality and local climate conditions
  • “emRS Selection Software” quantifies cost saving effect
  • Reduces energy requirement up to 50% and increases freezing capacity up to 30%