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Multidiscipline engineering System Development:

Nakayama Engineering K.K.

Main Officee/
7-5 1-chome,Tozuka,Kawaguchi City,Saitama Prefecture Japan

Tel F 81-48-295-2010

A standard for the future emRS pursues accuracy

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The emRS difference: Refrigeration at a low condensation pressure and a small TD.

The Eta-max Refrigeration System operates at optimal efficiency even with a minimum condensation pressure(0.3MPa) when the outdoor temperature goes down in winter. The same can be said when TD falls to 2. The emRS unit always behaves n an ideal manner in accordance with load changes. The result is as follows:

This results in the following Synergy effects :

Energy efficient (less CO2) cc. Electricity consumption is reduced by 50%,
   while the freezing capacity is increased by 30%.
Suppressed frost formation on the heat exchanger c. Stabilization of freezer room
   temperatures prevents freezer burn.
Higher food quality through cryogenic freezing (-70)cc.Virtually no change in
   taste or texture because ice crystals not rupturing cells.


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